आवास एवं पर्यावरण विभाग

The Department of Housing and Environment addresses the twin important issues of Human Habitation and Environment in the State. its objectives of planned development, sustainable environment, creation of urban infrastructure and housing stock through statutory bodies and autonomous institutions


The main objective of the department are as under :
Housing:- Under this the works related to housing construction projects, housing projects for government employees and National Housing Policy, M.P.Sthan Niyantran Adhiniyam and M.P.Prakosth etc are carried out.
Environment:- The main works carried out under the Environment Department mainly relates to land management, development planning and management, Development of Biological Resources, Control of Pollution, Environmental Upgradation, Capital Project and works related to capital area.

Schemes / Policies
  1. Madhya Pradesh Housing & Habitat Policy - 2007
  2. Madhya Pradesh Environmental Policy -1999

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